About Us

Without understanding it, countless people use clothing and devices dispersed by Keppie Fit. Customers might not acknowledge the company's name, but clothiers and marketing companies do. Whether the product is a company golf t-shirt, a T-shirt from a rock show or a memento t-shirt from a holiday location, opportunities are it has travelled through among our numerous Distribution Centers throughout North America.

Keppie Fit materials imprint able clothing and devices to screen printers, embroiderers, advertising items suppliers, athletic dealerships and other services.

Keppie Fit is the union of our 6 brand names; Alpha Shirt, Ash City, Bodek and Rhodes, Broder Bros., NES Clothing and Imprints Wholesale, integrating years of experience in the marketing fashion industry.

We're really thrilled to come to you as Keppie Fit - one brand name, with one clear instructions and one basic function: to regularly provide to you the very best, most total variety of advertising clothing items.

Keppie Fit - one brand name for each one.